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About Eclipse Contract Furniture and Lighting

Eclipse Hospitality is a leading provider of high quality hotel casegoods and soft seating, founded by hoteliers, for hoteliers. Since its founding in 2008 in Phoenix, AZ, we have established a reputation for unrivaled customer service and exceptional value in providing hotel furniture with long life and lasting design to recognized franchises throughout North America.

About Complete Hospitality Solutions Lighting

Welcome to our newly re-imagined shade and lighting division. We specialize in building hardback lampshades and pendant shades made in the USA using a wide variety of unique and unusual materials you might not have seen used before for decorative lighting. We want to be the eye candy in the space, the instagram moment, the jewelry that compliments the rest of the outfit.

Imagine materials like: real slate, real wood, bleach washable cotton, sequins & bugle beads, chain curtain, mohair, wool, wine bottles, moire resins, photo montages, chandelier surrounds, COM materials, and more.

Size matters! We can make any size shade or pendant from a few inches wide to 5-6-7-8 foot round or oval or square.
Quantity matters! We can make 1 or 100 or 1000.

We also work in all the standard shade and pendant materials with options that include silks, linens, cottons, decorative fabrics, vinyls, custom prints, veneers and more.  

The shade and pendant creations and combinations are endless when you factor in the variety of shapes and sizes we can create, the stock and custom fabric, along with trim and pleating options we provide. 

We can make a great replacement shade or pendant for your existing table lamp, floor lamp, pendant, or  wall sconce.  A sheer surround to embellish your existing chandelier. A decorative pendant to hang under existing can lights.  Or help you create a brand new lit pendant from scratch adding in UL Certified and ETL Certified fixtures inside.

Our team and our company know lighting: over 30 years of experience in decorative lighting manufacturing and marketing and sales. You may not have heard of us before, hopefully you’ll think of us the next time you need an unusual or standard shade or pendant to make a great decorative lighting experience in your next project.